Group and Centre-Based Activities

Group and centre-based activities at ATZ Care have the goal of creating and fostering an inclusive and stimulating environment wherein participants live life to the fullest, are free to make new friends, participate in activities; learn new skills while socialising, and of course, have fun.

ATZ Care assists and encourages participants to join and take part in group-based social, community, and recreational activities. A broad range of group-based activities and programs can be undertaken in one of our homes or out in the community.

Our Recreational Areas

  • Art and crafts room
  • Music and dancing room
  • Activities room
  • Computer room
  • Kitchen with social meals area

Group and Centre-Based Activities

Participants are encouraged to engage in activities, with transport to and from activities provided below.

ATZ Care Group and Centre-Based Activities

  • Visiting a local library, music works, community events, museum, art gallery
  • Going to the movies
  • Joining a fitness or sporting club
  • Going to the football
  • Going on a day trip such as picnics or shopping

These activities are flexible, directed by participants, and only limited to a participant’s imagination. ATZ Care aims to support exploring personal interests and participants are able to enjoy activities independently or as a group.

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