Benefits of Innovative Community Participation Programs

The Innovative Community Participation programs at ATZ Care are designed for participants to promote learning, and improve our participants’ skills and capabilities by planning, organising, and facilitating various activities to allow participants actively interact with others and participate in the community. The activities will encourage community engagement and social inclusion for participants.

Innovative Community Participation Programs

Our Innovative Community Participation programs are tailored for each of our participants to get the most out of every activity chosen to engage in, which involves a highly qualified support worker or coordinator who accompanies and assists you in broadening your prospects for community participation and employment through side-by-side practice.

We provide access to a wide selection of meaningful and enjoyable activities. We work in partnership with Council libraries, community groups, local councils, community health organisations, and recreational and sporting clubs to assist you in learning new sets of skills.

The programs will develop your own capacities and skills to meet your basic needs and requirements, and increase your independence and ability to take control over your life.

Your chance of uptake and transition to new opportunities such as employment and many others.



Through participation in our programs, you will meet new people and create your own circle of friends that you would love you hang out with.



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