6 Life-Changing Hacks Designed for Persons with Limited Mobility

These past few years saw a huge number of hacks made for the benefit of persons with limited mobility. It gave them a chance of enjoying a taste of independence and the results are amazing!

Consider that some people with physical limitations may also want to take part in doing things. Once they couldn’t, frustration sets in. This emotion adds up to the burden not only on the part of the person but also on the rest of the family.

On the other hand, participating in some daily routines shows that they want a little independence. Allow them to do things by themselves but using baby steps. Just be sure that movements or tasks are by their capacity to do things.

Small is not always small

Small inventions have since been included in grab-n-go bags for persons with limited mobility because they are the ones who need them most. Small things that involve small moves are the things these individuals appreciate; thus, these hacks made living easier.

Overall, starting small ends up with bigger results. So, if you have a family member who falls under this category, take time to read until the end of this article.

Image by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

6 Life Hacks for Persons with Limited Mobility

1. Safety pins 

6 Life-Changing Lifestyle Hacks Designed for Persons with Limited MobilityPhoto by Ju Ostroushko on Unsplash

Ever since its inception, safety pins proved to be one of the most widely-used hacks all over the world. You can use it to tighten the waistline of a skirt or top and can be handy during emergencies. Persons with limited mobility can utilize them to fix their clothing.

Wheelchair users may find their tops riding up while on the move. Large safety pins used for quilting are best used for pinning down shirts but there is a need for another person for the job.

2. Electric Hot Water Bottle

If the patient feels cold most of the time, a hot water bottle (that uses electricity) is a sweet thing to have. Other types of this can be risky and the danger of burning your loved one’s skin is highly imminent. This is also quite hazardous to patients who are experiencing muscle weakness.

The electric kind saves time using; 10 – 15 minutes of waiting time is all you need. Snugging has never been that fast and easy.

3. Incense Sticks

6 Life-Changing Lifestyle Hacks Designed for Persons with Limited Mobility
Photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash


Quadriplegics are persons with limited mobility who have limited dexterity and even lighting a candle is a hard task. If you can purchase a pack of incense sticks, that would be great! These can be used to light the nearest candle. Proper guidance is needed on the procedure while making them aware that there is a minor risk involved which is the obvious—catching fire.

As a precautionary measure, place a glass of water where the lighting activity is to be done. Douse the stick right once the candle is lit.

4. Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are very handy and light that you can fold them to fit the tiniest space on a wheelchair pocket or even inside a shirt pocket. Even though they are considered environmentally hazardous materials, they can still be of use to others. It enables preventing rain from pouring onto the controls of a wheelchair.

Another way of using it to benefit persons with limited mobility is packing some stuff inside the fridge. Once in a plastic bag, all the patients need can be easily taken out independently using one reaching/pulling movement.

5. Touch Lamp

6 Life-Changing Lifestyle Hacks Designed for Persons with Limited Mobility
Photo by Beazy on Unsplash


Compared to lights that need to be switched on and off, touch lamps require a light touch. They are considered cool by people like us but amazing for persons with limited mobility.

Imagine the number of muscles they have to use to get some sort of convenience! Additionally, your touch lamp creates a cozy atmosphere that makes up for a calm environment.

6. Cutter Bowls

Salads are healthy eats for persons with limited mobility. But what if ingredients were not yet cut up and the patient is already hungry?

Let’s say, we tend to forget some little things that mean a lot to the patient. That makes sense, but what makes more sense is having a cutter bowl or food processor on hand. This brightens up the day of those we love. It’s good to know that cutter bowls are inexpensive tools that can make life easier.

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