9 Easy Steps to Independent Living that Skipped your Mind

Independent living for the disabled is not only learning to live independently. It is also a gauge of how productive you have become. That is, embracing freedom from your home or nursing care.

Independent Living Defined

Different people define independent living in so many ways. For normal beings, living alone is taking on the responsibility of maximising what you can do. It also includes seeking a job to get a decent salary to feed one’s self. It can also mean getting on with life without the help of others.

For people with physical or mental limitations, the meaning is the same but with some twists. People with disabilities have different views towards the subject as well. Could this be due to low levels of confidence, or could there be something more?  Yes, there is more to what meets the eye.

We all know that disabilities vary from physical to mental and there are several categories for both. Also consider the limitations of these categories that may affect the goal of independent living.

9 Easy Steps to Independent Living that Skipped your Mind
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9 Essential Steps to Independent Living

1. Consider your physical strength

If you can work, you must realise that there are still some limitations to your capacity to perform in a workplace. This is not about undermining your capabilities; this is about fact-checking your condition.

2. Know your capacity to live alone

Are you able to manage your daily tasks? You should be good at this before you stay out of your home. Independent living means being able to handle your finances. This is most likely the first thing you have to be good at.

Know where to buy cheaper stuff; much cheaper than what you have at home. You may look for a job that pays well to fit your needs.

3. Prepare to commute from your home and back

Better make a list of bus and train stops and get yourself a map. Know the time for each trip and learn about alternative routes. This will help you in going around the area or vicinity of your new home without any glitches at all.


9 Easy Steps to Independent Living that Skipped your Mind
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4. Be ready to meet the world

People differ from each other in thoughts and in using words. Be ready to hear some words that you don’t usually hear at home. If for some people using harsh words is just a joke, to others they are speaking their minds.

Make sure you go with people who care for you sincerely and not abuse you for something. Once you find out you’re in bad company, make way for space. This can be done before starting hanging out with another person again.

5. Know your skills and learn more

If you think your skills can land you a better job, that’s a welcome idea. If you think you need to learn more, go ahead. Let no one stop you from obtaining more skills or learning. The online world also offers certificates after enrolling in some modules. Owning various skills is your ticket to a better paying job.

6. Stay close to home base

If moving out, be sure to stay near a relative’s home. Nothing can be safer than with people you knew for a long time. You may also choose to get a room near your best friend’s apartment. If anything strange happens to you, your friend would be the first to come to the rescue.


9 Easy Steps to Independent Living that Skipped your Mind
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7. Be sure to get peer support

Never forget to visit inclusive communities regularly.  These are places where you can interact with other people who have some disabilities just like you. Doing this as a routine won’t hurt and the effects toward your personality is rewarding.

Living independently is not actually living alone. It is also about connecting with other people outside of your comfort zone. It is about how you fare with little support or with nothing at all that counts.

8. Keep in close contact with family members

Independent living also involves frequent contact with family members. These are your first level of contact and they are your blood relations. Nothing can beat the love coming from family. With that kind of love, your confidence will soar high than ever.

9. Write a journal

Journals are a great way to record your accomplishments. Your notes will tell you how far you have arrived.  You can write down obstacles you encountered and solutions that you used to overcome each issue. Soon, you will find out how good you are at mingling with the rest of the world and living alone.

9 Easy Steps to Independent Living that Skipped your Mind
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There would be times when some problematic situations in connection with independent living appear to stay within your system. If this happens, get in touch with support groups or a facility that offers disability support. That way, issues can ne resolved faster by using simpler but effective methods.

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